Laoise O'Brien

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Temenos, n.

Ancient Greek Hist.

A piece of ground surrounding or adjacent to a temple; a sacred enclosure or precinct


Laoise O'Brien (recorders) and Paul Roe (clarinets), are musicians who enjoy unearthing old music and advancing new music respectively. Together they are exploring soundscapes, examining the shared features of their instruments, and discovering the commonality of their distant and distinctive repertoire.

From 12th century pilgrim songs to newly composed works, Temenos investigate how place and memory have influenced music over the centuries.

Their projects include A2: Music composed for two melody instruments, and Time Place Memory inspired by the work of the artist, George Vaughan.

 The Gregory Walkers


 The Gregory Walkers brings together four of Ireland's busiest musicians:

 Laoise O'Brien (recorders), Malchy Robinson (viol),

 Eamon Sweeney (baroque guitar) and Francesco Turrisi (percussion).

 Individually the group's members perform a wide range of genres.

 Together they combine their diverse experiences & talents to present

 an exciting & refreshing approach to old music. 





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