Laoise O'Brien

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Beginning with 'One Charming Night' from

Henry Purcell's 'The Fairy Queen' and ending with

the Irish lullaby 'Dia do bheatha, 'Nai anocht',

this charming recording weaves a tale of

Kings and Queens, heroes and villains

and the dangers that lurk in the deep dark woods.

Featuring some of Ireland's leading musicians

and recorded in the medieval city of Kilkenny.

Funded by the Arts Council of Ireland through the

Music Recording Scheme, managed by Music Network.















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How Happy for the Little Birds is the title track of the album by Laoise O'Brien and is part of a multi-disciplinary project with the artist Lorna Donlon. An exhibition of collages inspired by the recording ran throughout the 2011 Kilkenny Arts Festival. The project received a tremendous response.


The recording brings the listener through a year of birdsong with tunes from Ireland, England and beyond. The birds featured on the CD are mostly common to Ireland and Britain.

How Happy for the Little Birds

How Happy for the little Birds

Sonnets for the Cradle

Laoise & Lorna