Production work

Laoise has been active as a music producer since 2011. She has worked on numerous albums, video projects, radio broadcasts, interviews and podcasts.
Laoise's skill-set includes: project management, programming, score reading, music editing (pro tools), video editing (premier pro), design, studio supervision, and art-work management. She works with a number of graphic designers, photo and videographers, technicians, and post-production professionals.


Jiggery Pokery Productions was set up by Laoise O'Brien and recording engineer, Ben Rawlins, in 2017. The company specialises in location recordings of classical, folk, and traditional music. Clients include RTÉ, Music Network, Kilkenny Arts Festival, Musici Ireland, Blackwater Valley Opera Festival, Resurgam, Music Generation,

The National Youth Orchestra of Ireland, Notre Dame University, The Pro Cathedral, Dublin, in addition to ensembles and solo artists.

Irish double bass
Anne-Marie O'Farrell
Robert Harvey
Swan Hennessy_RTÉ ConTempo Quartet
The Far Flung Trio
Camerata Kilkenny
St. Mary's Pro Cathedral Girls Choir
Easter in Ireland
Róisín Ward-Morrow
NYOI Jan19
Julie Maisel
NYOI - July 18
Brother Slim
National Youth Orchestra of Ireland
West towards home- Boxty gang
Sonnets for the Cradle
How Happy for the Little Birds
Western Wind